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We contacted Lisa Garrett from Black Bear Healing Home because we were interested in having a sign language workshop series for moms and babies at our library. Lisa created a 5-week session that was adaptable for online or in-person, delivering sessions that began with basic sign language skills and how to incorporate them into a daily routine with babies, and developed throughout the five weeks to help parents who wished to go beyond the series. Each session was creative, easy to understand, and allowed everyone time to master the skills they felt would be most useful to their home environment. With handouts, follow up links for questions posed during the sessions, and helpful hints on how to incorporate sign language into different settings, Lisa’s classes covered everything needed to encourage our participants to continue this journey beyond the workshop series. We will be doing more sessions with her in the future!

-Heidi Sinnett, Children’s Librarian at Carleton Place Public Library

Ila was born right in the middle of a global pandemic, and on top of that we were told that she had a cleft palate, and that she would more than likely require speech therapy later on. So, I dove right into finding a way to ease the communication barrier and that’s where I found BBHH. Right from the start Lisa was amazing. I was immediately put at ease knowing I was going to be able to talk to my daughter and understand what she wants. After only a few classes I could see the frustration levels lower in Ila because we finally understood what she needed and/or wanted from us. Watching Ila pick up and use the signs we learned from Lisa, we knew without a doubt that we made the right choice! My husband and I both really enjoyed the use of songs, cards, and books to help not only baby learn, but mom and dad as well! We’ve enjoyed our classes so much that we’re looking into a way to continue learning ASL so that it can be a part of our daily languages. The three of us can’t thank Lisa and BBHH enough for providing these classes!”

-Brandi V.

I recently had the opportunity to work with Lisa of Black Bear Healing Home. Lisa taught a group of moms and their babies how to communicate through sign. Due to Covid, we met weekly on zoom for 45 minutes. Lisa created a safe, relaxing, fun environment to learn various signs. Each class we reviewed key signs such as, the alphabet, counting from 1 to 10, requests and commands (‘more’, ‘finished’, ‘milk’), and then a new topic such as; family, animals, toys, etc. Each week Lisa taught us songs, read us stories, all while teaching us various signs to use in communicating with our babies. While my son was usually napping during the class, my 2 year old daughter liked to partake, and often sang the various songs after class. Lisa broadened my library of sign and opened my eyes to other ways to teach sign to my children. I cannot thank you enough Lisa!

-Kealey N.

Ellie was born in the middle of a pandemic. With everything going on and so many regulations, it’s been very hard to find activities to challenge her and help her develop. Learning baby sign language was a fun way to interact with Ellie. Her communication skills have improved so much which has been a huge boost to my confidence as a mom. I found working with BBHH was a great bonding experience for me and Ellie. Watching her pick up the things we learned in our baby sign language class made me feel like I was doing something right. Being able to understand what she needs has taken so much of her frustration away. Ellie and I felt very comfortable working with BBHH. They were always accommodating to our schedule. Being available in person as well as virtually is so convenient for a new parent. BBHH used a variety of books, flash cards, and songs. Ellie really enjoyed all the engaging content.”

-Nicole C.

Working with Lisa at Black Bear Healing Home was nothing short of amazing. She was able to answer any and all questions without hesitation. She was very professional and patient with us at all times. Even when our son was throwing a fit! Black Bear Healing Home was very flexible and easy to reschedule with if anything came up last minute. And with a baby, things can change at the snap of a finger.

Memorization is not my strong suit. Going into our sign language course I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to remember anything or retain any information. Black Bear Healing Home was very quick to mail us sheets with common signs. Putting these sheets up on our fridge right when we got them helped us remember the common baby signs as well as the alphabet.

It was beneficial to work with Black Bear Healing Home because in my opinion, sign language is important and good to learn/know. You can’t always distinguish what a baby is trying to say or what they want. Learning baby sign language I will be able to know if my baby wants more food, if he’s all done his dinner, if he would like milk or water, what certain toy he is looking for and etc. As well, working in customer service I have come across a few deaf individuals and was unable to communicate with them at all. Now I feel confident that I would be able to communicate with them even just a little bit.

-Tori S.

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