Online Baby Sign Language Course Now Available

Learn baby sign language online from the comfort of anywhere – including your own home! Lisa uses games, books, and songs to teach you everything you need to know to start signing with your baby. This course is offered on a sliding scale of $50-$200 (pay what you can).

  • Class 1: basic everyday signs
  • Class 2: manners, feelings, and playtime
  • Class 3: behaviour requests
  • Class 4: numbers, colours, and shapes
  • Class 5: animals and food

Classes are approximately 45 minutes each. Children are always welcome at any of our classes. However, we teach you how to teach your child in your daily life at home, and so our classes are geared towards adults.

Included in this course is the manual ‘100 Signs for Parents’ from DawnSignPress, a fingerspelled alphabet poster, and a beautiful Black Bear Healing Home fridge poster of 6 basic signs for parents. Hang it on your fridge, and every time you see it you will be reminded to keep signing! Gift certificates are also available, and these gorgeous gift cards make excellent baby shower gifts.

Contact Lisa today to set up a private online class at a time that works for you: 613-558-3199 (phone/text) or

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