Creating Actionable Research on Sexualized Violence

This summer, Black Bear Healing Home will be completing a cross-Canada research project on the issue of sexualized violence. This will entail surveying Canadian universities in order to find out the services and supports that exist for survivors of sexualized violence on various campuses.

The research project is being funded by Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group (NSPIRG). NSPIRG is based out of Dalhousie University, and focuses on social justice research, education, and action. The goal for this particular project is to create an action-focused research report on services at Canadian universities for survivors of sexualized violence. This will allow NSPIRG to determine what specific action steps to take to enhance current services at Dalhousie, and how to go about creating effective new services.

Some examples of on-campus supports that BBHH will research include trauma-informed counselling services, training models for residential and security staff, and orientation sessions for incoming students.

Lisa will be phoning people at various on-campus offices over the next few months to discuss services. After researching existing training models and policies, she will create a short report, highlighting actionable suggestions that NSPIRG can work toward implementing at Dalhousie University. To keep updated about this project, you can email Lisa at

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